Sub or Function not defined (Why ??)

I have a template that contains a userform module named "MACROS" and a =
standard code module named "Code." I have exported both of these =3D
modules to my C:\ directory.

I have another large collection of tempaltes that each contain code in =
the "ThisDocument" clase module and a standard code module named =3D

I have written a procedure to process some changes to each of these =3D
templates. The procedure opens each document and passes the document =3D
object to the procedure shown below which peforms the following =3D

1. Removes all code lines from the ThisDocument class module
2. Deletes the NewMacros code module
3. Imports the Userform "MACROS" and standard code module "Code."

Sub ImportFormAndCodeModules(ByRef Doc As Word.Document)
Dim vbProj As VBProject
Dim vbComp As VBComponent
Set vbProj =3D3D ActiveDocument.VBProject
Set vbComp =3D3D vbProj.VBComponents("ThisDocument")
'Clear any lines in "ThisDocument"
Do While vbComp.CodeModule.CountOfLines > 0
vbComp.CodeModule.DeleteLines 1
'Delete "NewMacros" code module
Set vbComp =3D3D vbProj.VBComponents("NewMacros")
Application.OrganizerDelete Source:=3D3DDoc.FullName, =
Name:=3D3DvbComp.Name, =3D
'Import new userform and code modules.
'For testing
vbProj.VBComponents.Import "C:\MACROS.frm"
vbProj.VBComponents.Import "C:\Code.bas"
End Sub

The processing appears to work as expected. There is one problem =3D
though. The "Code" module contains an AutoOpen procedure shown below:

Sub AutoOpen()
Options.ButtonFieldClicks =3D3D 1
..Top =3D3D Application.Top
..Left =3D3D Application.Left
End With
End Sub

After the process has been run, when I attempt to open some of the =3D
documents (some but not all) then I get an error message "Sub or =3D
Function Not Defined." When I "OK" out of the error message the =3D
document opens but hte AutoOpen procedure clearly did not run.

Now if open the VBE and make the slightest change to the AutoOpen =3D
procedure (e.g., delete one character and add it right back) then save =
the template it will open normally from then on.

Can anyone explain this behaviour and what, if anything, I can do to =3D
ensure the Code module is imported cleanly and fully so that this error =
will not occur?


Greg Maxey

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6/3/2010 11:01:09 PM
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