assing macro to an an image, shape, text in Word 2007

I would like to run one of my macros when either an image, or a shape, or a 
text is clicked in Word 2007 document.

4/9/2010 4:45:01 PM
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Use an ActiveX control, as they have a _Click event.

Lev wrote:
>I would like to run one of my macros when either an image, or a shape, or a 
>text is clicked in Word 2007 document.


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4/9/2010 5:10:46 PM
Another method is to insert a MacroButton field and paste the image into the 
field code where the display text would be. See, and the 
"Double-click or single-click" section of

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP        FAQ:
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all may benefit.

Fumei2 via wrote:
> Use an ActiveX control, as they have a _Click event.
> Lev wrote:
>> I would like to run one of my macros when either an image, or a
>> shape, or a text is clicked in Word 2007 document.
>> Thanks, 

4/9/2010 5:48:07 PM

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