Table of Contents Automatic Update

Is there a way that I can set the table of contents to automatically update 
like when I save or close a document? If so, how?  Thanks!
6/3/2010 4:01:03 PM
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The following pair of macros should work:

Sub FileSave()
Dim t As TableOfContents
For Each t In ActiveDocument.TablesOfContents
Next t
If ActiveDocument.Path = "" Then
End If
End Sub

Sub FileSaveAs()
Dim t As TableOfContents
For Each t In ActiveDocument.TablesOfContents
Next t
End Sub

Place the macros in the Normal template. See for assistance.

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP
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"tjb" <> wrote in message
> Is there a way that I can set the table of contents to automatically update
> like when I save or close a document? If so, how?  Thanks!

6/3/2010 6:39:21 PM

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