how do i remove lines from invoice

my invoice details change from month to month and i prefer to keep them on 
one page.  i entered the info but there are several lines between my last 
entry and the total.  how do i remove the extra lines?
6/1/2010 1:31:01 PM
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Without knowing how the invoice was created or formatted and in which Word 
version it is impossible to say, but to venture a guess, select and pres the 
delete key?
Maybe would help in future?

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"veekeebee" <> wrote in message
> my invoice details change from month to month and i prefer to keep them on
> one page.  i entered the info but there are several lines between my last
> entry and the total.  how do i remove the extra lines? 

6/1/2010 2:32:09 PM
Your invoice is probably a table (easy to tell if you have table gridlines 
displayed); if so, select the empty rows, right-click, and choose Delete 

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"veekeebee" <> wrote in message
> my invoice details change from month to month and i prefer to keep them on
> one page.  i entered the info but there are several lines between my last
> entry and the total.  how do i remove the extra lines?

6/1/2010 3:49:27 PM
Hello veekebee,

maybe there is a mess with some spaces or other non printing characters and 
therefore your desing is messy.

For tutorial on how to show/hide them consult this link:

I hope it helps

If not, contact me via my website

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"veekeebee" wrote:

> my invoice details change from month to month and i prefer to keep them on 
> one page.  i entered the info but there are several lines between my last 
> entry and the total.  how do i remove the extra lines?
6/2/2010 9:46:03 AM

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