Add and delete Word document Paragraph symbol

Working in word Office 2003, I have just done something to cause the 
paragraph symbol to appear at the beginning and ending of each sentence in my 
3 page document. Is there a path to deleting this problem? 
6/6/2010 12:12:28 AM
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Click the � button on the toolbar (again, since that's probably what
you did to turn it on) or press Ctrl+Shift+8.

Jay Freedman
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On Sat, 5 Jun 2010 17:12:28 -0700, Jbjr
<> wrote:

>Working in word Office 2003, I have just done something to cause the 
>paragraph symbol to appear at the beginning and ending of each sentence in my 
>3 page document. Is there a path to deleting this problem? 
6/6/2010 12:24:08 AM

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