What is a good program to convert pdf files to word?

I want to be able tosave pdf files as word files.
1/26/2010 1:30:01 AM
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PDF is essentially a graphics format. How well it can be converted to Word 
format rather depends on what it contains. The most reliable method is to 
use OCR software, such as Finereader.

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"Cookie" <Cookie@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
>I want to be able tosave pdf files as word files. 

1/26/2010 7:32:58 AM
I have had varying results with SolidConvertor, as Graham mentioned, it does 
depend greatly on how the PDF was created in the first place and what it 
contains, plain scans or selectable text.
Best of luck

"Cookie" wrote:

> I want to be able tosave pdf files as word files.
1/26/2010 7:46:01 AM

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