Text Box Invisible

I have Word 2007 and have been using it for over a year.  Recently, text 
boxes and drawings are invisible in all but Print Preview and Full Screen 
Reading mode.  They used to be visible in other modes until the following 
sequence of events occurred: 1)  I sent a Word 2007 document out for review.  
2) The reviewer returned the document in compatibility mode with Track 
Changes on.  3) I accepted all changes.  It appears my preferences and styles 
were changed.  I looked for a way to show/hide text boxes and drawings, but 
couldn't find anything.
11/17/2009 8:14:09 PM
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On Tue, 17 Nov 2009 12:14:09 -0800, Mike Koch <Mike
Koch@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote:

>I have Word 2007 and have been using it for over a year.  Recently, text 
>boxes and drawings are invisible in all but Print Preview and Full Screen 
>Reading mode.  They used to be visible in other modes until the following 
>sequence of events occurred: 1)  I sent a Word 2007 document out for review.  
>2) The reviewer returned the document in compatibility mode with Track 
>Changes on.  3) I accepted all changes.  It appears my preferences and styles 
>were changed.  I looked for a way to show/hide text boxes and drawings, but 
>couldn't find anything.

Go to Office button > Word Options > Advanced > Show Document Content.
Check the box for "Show drawings and text boxes on screen" and uncheck
"Show picture placeholders".

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP        FAQ: http://word.mvps.org
Email cannot be acknowledged; please post all follow-ups to the newsgroup so all may benefit.
11/17/2009 8:19:21 PM

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