print two pages one page lanscape the other portrait

I need to do a paper for work. One page is a Word document set up to print in 
portrait mode. The other is an Excel document set up to print in landscape 
mode. Am I able to do this?
1/10/2010 1:55:01 AM
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Based on your question, yes you can.

JoAnn Paules
MVP Microsoft [Publisher]
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"bobturk" <> wrote in message
>I need to do a paper for work. One page is a Word document set up to print 
> portrait mode. The other is an Excel document set up to print in landscape
> mode. Am I able to do this? 

1/10/2010 2:42:10 AM
On Sat, 9 Jan 2010 17:55:01 -0800, bobturk
<> wrote:

>I need to do a paper for work. One page is a Word document set up to print in 
>portrait mode. The other is an Excel document set up to print in landscape 
>mode. Am I able to do this?


Jay Freedman
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1/10/2010 2:42:58 AM

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