OIS.EXE what is it, how to end process

computeris very slow, task mgr show cpu usage is near total availabe, shows 
OIS.EXE is using most and cannot get task to stop.
2/15/2010 5:42:01 PM
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A quick google for ois.exe gives you the answer.

"ArizonaBoy" <ArizonaBoy@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
: computeris very slow, task mgr show cpu usage is near total availabe, 
: OIS.EXE is using most and cannot get task to stop. 

2/15/2010 7:44:35 PM
In news:AF65AE19-499A-4EF4-8CB7-4BE23889C924@microsoft.com,
ArizonaBoy <ArizonaBoy@discussions.microsoft.com> typed:
> computeris very slow, task mgr show cpu usage is near total availabe,
> shows OIS.EXE is using most and cannot get task to stop.

Check the link given below to see if there's any help there:

Microsoft Office Picture Manager – OIS.EXE

Ois.exe is the executable for the Microsoft Office Picture Manager. This 
file will be located in a subfolder of c:\Program files\Microsoft Office. 
Office Picture Manager lets you manage, edit, and share your pictures. You 
can search for and manage photos on your system. You can edit and adjust 
your images, and you can send pictures in e-mail messages or create a 
Microsoft SharePoint Picture Library. Additional information can be found at 

This file doesn't necessarily need to be running all the time. You can 
launch it from within Microsoft Office, you can start it manually via Start 
 > Programs, or it will start when you double click on any supported image 
file format if it's the default application for that file type.

a.. Safe


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