how to edit Adobe file

how to edit Adobe file 
6/6/2010 4:18:48 PM
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Most certainly not in Word.

pdf files, I'm assuming that is what you mean by 'Adobe files', are 'fixed' 
files. Their layout is frozen so they look the same on any machine and can 
not be edited.

If you still want to edit such a pdf file, you will have to convert the file 
to something else, edit it, and then save the result back as a pdf. The best 
tool to do the conversion of pdf files to Word documents is probably Acrobat 
Professional. Unfortunately, that is a rather expensive product to use for a 
few simple conversions. There are a few online places that will do the 
conversion for free (e.g. but you will 
have to test them yourself to see if they are good enough for you.


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> how to edit Adobe file 

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