How do I stop Word putting text at bottom of page onto next page?

Word pushes some text at the bottom of the page onto the next page, thereby 
creating a gap at the bottom of the page.  How do I get Word to stop doing 
3/7/2010 10:58:01 AM
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The following settings may be relevant in such a case: "Keep with next," 
"Keep lines together," and "Widow/orphan control" (all found in the 
Paragraph dialog box).

Note, however, that the best way to deal with this depends on what kind of a 
document you are creating. Is it a numbered outline of heading styles? A 
document with footnotes in it?

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

"AndrewNicholas" <> wrote in message
> Word pushes some text at the bottom of the page onto the next page,
> thereby
> creating a gap at the bottom of the page.  How do I get Word to stop doing
> this?

3/7/2010 1:27:27 PM
Turn off the Widows And Orphans option that is part of the paragraph format.

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"AndrewNicholas" <> wrote in message
> Word pushes some text at the bottom of the page onto the next page, 
> thereby
> creating a gap at the bottom of the page.  How do I get Word to stop doing
> this? 

3/7/2010 1:31:49 PM
See for some factors that 
influence this.

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA

"AndrewNicholas" <> wrote in message
> Word pushes some text at the bottom of the page onto the next page, 
> thereby
> creating a gap at the bottom of the page.  How do I get Word to stop doing
> this?

3/7/2010 1:54:07 PM

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