How do I hide the paragraph symbols when composing an email?

I accidentally hit one or more keys on my keyboard and all of a sudden the 
paragraph symbols and other junk appears on every email I create. How do I 
get rid of them?  I use Outlook, and my operating system is Windows XP 
Professional Version 2002, service pack 3.  Thanks. Pete
6/5/2010 9:25:44 PM
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If your complaint were about Word, we would tell you to press Ctrl-
Shift-8 again.

But for Outlook, you'll have to ask in an Outlook group.

Your recipients, however, will not see the non-printing characters,
and you can do a better job generally when word processing if you keep
them visible (at least the paragraph and tab marks).

On Jun 5, 5:25=A0pm, Pete <> wrote:
> I accidentally hit one or more keys on my keyboard and all of a sudden th=
> paragraph symbols and other junk appears on every email I create. How do =
> get rid of them? =A0I use Outlook, and my operating system is Windows XP
> Professional Version 2002, service pack 3. =A0Thanks. Pete

6/5/2010 9:49:17 PM

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