How do I get rid of the parantheses in APA style citations?

I would like the APA style citations in the body of the paper to now 
automatically show parantheses on either side of the author and title.  
Otherwise the whole bibliography feature is useless.  Any ideas?
5/27/2010 9:25:36 PM
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There is no on/off switch for the brackets. Your choices are to either keep 
them, or remove them altogether. If you want to remove them for all 
instances, you will have to edit the style by hand.

The short version: 
(especially 6 and 8 are useful)

The long version (in case you don't know XSL):

The styles are located in the


directory. Assuming a normal 32-bit OS with a default Office 2007 
installation, that directory is

  C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\Bibliography\Style

The style you want to edit is located in APA.XSL. Create a copy of the file 
and name it MyAPA.XSL. Open the file with a text editor (notepad, ...) and 
look for the following lines:

  <xsl:when test="b:OfficeStyleKey">

and change it to

  <xsl:when test="b:StyleName">
    <xsl:text>APA without brackets</xsl:text>

Now when you start Word, there will be an extra style in the dropdown list, 
labeled "APA without brackets".

Next you want to remove the brackets. Look for

    <xsl:call-template name="templ_prop_OpenBracket"/>

and remove it. This will remove the opening bracket. Then look for

  <xsl:if test="/b:Citation/b:LastAuthor">
    <xsl:call-template name="templ_prop_CloseBracket"/>

and remove it. This will remove the closing bracket. You should be all set 

BibWord : Microsoft Word Citation and Bibliography styles

"Jonny99" <> wrote in message
>I would like the APA style citations in the body of the paper to now
> automatically show parantheses on either side of the author and title.
> Otherwise the whole bibliography feature is useless.  Any ideas? 

5/28/2010 5:42:49 PM

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