How do I correct formula display errors?

I use Word 2003, and recently formulas created by my professor do not display 
properly on my laptop.  For instance, the ampersand symbol seems to appear 
where some superscripting or ' characters should be.  What is the problem and 
1/27/2010 6:35:01 PM
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Hello Brian

brian wrote:
> I use Word 2003, and recently formulas created by my professor do not display 
> properly on my laptop.  For instance, the ampersand symbol seems to appear 
> where some superscripting or ' characters should be.  What is the problem and 
> solution?

what version of Word has your professor been using, and what file type 
has he saved as?

If you're both on the same version, chances are you're lacking (or have 
a damaged) font file on your installation.

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