Word 2007 crashes on opening

recently MS Word frequently crashes as soon as the app is opened, and only by 
shutting down Windows and restarting am I able to get the program stable.  
The error dialogue is as follows:
Fault Module Name: StackHash_3c89
5/25/2010 9:57:01 PM
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See http://word.mvps.org/FAQs/AppErrors/ProblemsStartingWord.htm.

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

"ajaxt" <ajaxt@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
> recently MS Word frequently crashes as soon as the app is opened, and only by
> shutting down Windows and restarting am I able to get the program stable.
> The error dialogue is as follows:
> Fault Module Name: StackHash_3c89 

5/26/2010 8:24:26 AM
As good place to start for tips on what may be causeing your problem is the 
following article:
Come back if the problem persists.

Hope this helps

"ajaxt" wrote:

> recently MS Word frequently crashes as soon as the app is opened, and only by 
> shutting down Windows and restarting am I able to get the program stable.  
> The error dialogue is as follows:
> Fault Module Name: StackHash_3c89
5/27/2010 9:39:19 PM

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