Please Help! Spanish has hijacked my Word 2007 spell checker!

I have saved (repeatedly in existing and new blank documents) all my settings 
to English, US.  However, my spell checker is marking everything in red.  
When I look at it, the spell check suggests spanish spelling of the words.  
The spell checker says Spanish, US.  I go back, all setting say English.  
Default language is set to English.  I don't know what else to try.  
6/4/2010 4:11:42 PM
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Make sure to turn off the "Detect language automatically" option in Review tab | 
Set Language. Note that once the language has changed in a document, you may 
have to select the whole document and manually apply the correct one by using 
the Language dialog box.

For more on language formatting, see

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP
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"lcolter" <> wrote in message
>I have saved (repeatedly in existing and new blank documents) all my settings
> to English, US.  However, my spell checker is marking everything in red.
> When I look at it, the spell check suggests spanish spelling of the words.
> The spell checker says Spanish, US.  I go back, all setting say English.
> Default language is set to English.  I don't know what else to try. 

6/4/2010 5:30:15 PM

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