How do you stop run-away scrolling in Word?

When I start to scroll through a document in Word or PDF, something takes 
over and scrolling will not stop until 1) the end of the document or 2) I hit 
"abort" (Control, alt, delete) and get out of the document. What can I do to 
get control over this scrolling? Really frustrating!
3/28/2010 7:01:01 PM
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I doubt that it is a Word problem. How are you trying to scroll and what are 
you using: mouse, mouse wheel, touchpad?

Have you changed the mouse settings through the Control Panel, MOUSE app?

Terry Farrell - MSWord MVP

"Pas" <> wrote in message
> When I start to scroll through a document in Word or PDF, something takes
> over and scrolling will not stop until 1) the end of the document or 2) I 
> hit
> "abort" (Control, alt, delete) and get out of the document. What can I do 
> to
> get control over this scrolling? Really frustrating! 

3/28/2010 9:20:22 PM

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