Menu bar from System folders missing

hi, the top menubar / toolbar from all of my system folders have gone, how 
can I get them back?
3/24/2010 9:20:01 PM
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Jimbobwiki wrote:
> hi, the top menu bar / toolbar from all of my system folders have gone, how 
> can I get them back?

Try these:

- Press F11

- Right-click the toolbar and select Menu Bar

- Click View, Standard Buttons

- Click Start, Run, type:

regsvr32 /i shell32.dll (Press Enter key)

- Malware could have hidden it.. here's a long post with more ideas.  If
you have to edit the registry to straighten this out, suspect malware:

Joe   =o)
3/25/2010 2:10:48 AM

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