Stop My Documents from opening all the time?

Is there anyway to stop My Documents from opening everytimg I start a 
Windows Explorer session?

I guess there's no future in trying to delete it, because so many products 
try to put stuff there.  Right? 

12/10/2009 4:39:14 PM
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Laurel wrote:
> Is there anyway to stop My Documents from opening everytimg I start a 
> Windows Explorer session?

	If you want Explorer to open somewhere else, simply modify the 
properties of the shortcut you're using to open it.  All you need do is 
create/modify the target field of your Windows Explorer shortcut to 
point where you want it.

Command-Line Switches for Windows Explorer;EN-US;q130510

WinNT Explorer Command-Line Options

> I guess there's no future in trying to delete it, because so many products 
> try to put stuff there.  Right? 

	Correct.  It's a protected system folder and shouldn't be deleted.


Bruce Chambers

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