search not working

Hi I just did a new install xp pro sp2 and the search in start is not
working it is there to click on but nothing happens when I click on it
the search works ok in folders ..
Everything else seems ok.
Thank you for any help
Bob C

6/7/2010 6:03:33 PM
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Was Norton or McAfee pre-installed?

"BOB" <> wrote in message
> Hi I just did a new install xp pro sp2 and the search in start is not
> working it is there to click on but nothing happens when I click on it
> the search works ok in folders ..
> Everything else seems ok.
> Thank you for any help
> Bob C

6/7/2010 6:28:05 PM
> ...I just did a new install xp pro sp2

Why & how did you do it?

BOB wrote:
> Hi I just did a new install xp pro sp2 and the search in start is not
> working it is there to click on but nothing happens when I click on it
> the search works ok in folders ..
> Everything else seems ok.
> Thank you for any help
> Bob C
6/7/2010 8:04:10 PM

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