How to re-assign mini-icons to *.html file types in WinExplorer?

Occasionally the mini icons in front of a files of a certain file type (e.g. all *.html) 
in Windows Explorer are lost. Instead an ugly dummy icon is shown.

How can I re-assign the Internet Explorer typical blue "e" mini icons to them again?

Resp. how can I don this in general for a file extension .yyy?


8/3/2010 8:49:32 AM
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Right click on the file and go to Properties and hit the change button =
and then designate the program with which you wish to open the file.


"Cindy Parker" <> wrote in message =
> Occasionally the mini icons in front of a files of a certain file type =
(e.g. all *.html)=20
> in Windows Explorer are lost. Instead an ugly dummy icon is shown.
> How can I re-assign the Internet Explorer typical blue "e" mini icons =
to them again?
> Resp. how can I don this in general for a file extension .yyy?
> Cindy
8/3/2010 12:15:24 PM

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