device manager error

Device Manager lists my V-GEAR PRO video capture card as a ISDN 
Controller.The card has been working fine for about 4 years but now ,after XP 
boots, New hardware Wizard ( & Device Manager) identify it as the controller 
with no driver installed.
8/6/2010 4:43:03 PM
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BIRD wrote:
> Device Manager lists my V-GEAR PRO video capture card as a ISDN 
> Controller.The card has been working fine for about 4 years but now ,after XP 
> boots, New hardware Wizard ( & Device Manager) identify it as the controller 
> with no driver installed.

Do you have any details, on what exact ISDN card it is listed as ?
You'll need that, to do some Googling for further info.

The "V-Gear DV ProTV" is apparently a two chip card, with a PCI bridge
chip to glue it together. The thing under the heatsink is the PCI bridge
chip. Presumably the heatsink is there, to hide the brand of bridge chip
used, because otherwise, the chip shouldn't really run hot.

I can't see all the chip numbers, but my guess is the V-Gear DV ProTV
works like this.

Analog_TV_Tuner ---- BT878           Texas_Instruments_Firewire --- DV-in
                      Capture                  |
                        |                      |
                        | PCI                  | PCI
                        |                      |
                    |     PCI bridge chip (heatsink)  |
                                  PCI bus

If you note the exact ISDN card, then Google the name of the card,
maybe you can figure out the "class" of the failure. It could be
related to the fact your TV capture card is bridged.

There is one other mis-detection in WinXP, that puts up a particular
"fake" item in Device Manager, and it's important to note the exact
name, to find out what the failure actually means.

I've had a PCI sound card, where one of the signal bits on the 32 bit
bus, wasn't making good contact. It caused an "unknown" card to be
detected, due to the missing data bit for the VEN and DEV. By noting
the numeric value, and comparing it to the correct value, I could
even tell which bit was making a bad connection. I doubt that is
your problem. It's got to be some other kind of failure. And the
fact your TV card is bridged, must be part of this (somehow).

If your card isn't "V-Gear DV ProTV", then provide a web link
to the product in question, to clarify what it is.

It's possible your ISDN could be something like "Fritz ISDN" or the
like. But note the exact name carefully, or look in Device Manager
for the ISDN entry, and take note in Properties of the Hardware ID
or Device Instance ID. There could be a VEN and DEV there.

You can also look in C:\WINDOWS\setupapi.log and any entries at
the end of the file. That shows how Windows responded to finding
new hardware. There can be more than one file by that name, and
a new file is started, when the old one gets too big.


8/6/2010 10:41:03 PM

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