converting files to blank DVD used to work but now does not.

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I used to be able to download a movie, then put it through 'Koyote Soft' to 
convert the files ready to be put on a blank DVD. This DVD would then be 
able to be played on my regular DVD player and come out on the television 

I have since downloaded an update for this software which is 'Koyote Soft 
2010 Version 3.2.0. Since downloading this update, I am not able to complete 
the process as I could with the previous version.

All that happens now is that, when the software reaches the end of 
converting files ready to be put on to a DVD, instead of all the files 
coming up on screen ready for this, there is just a large 'twang' sound 
telling me that the software did not work and the files do not appear.

As I say, it worked beautifully in the earlier version but not now. I even 
tried desperately to get the earlier version back but alas, that was in 

Can anybody tell me if there is anything I need to do with the new version 
to make it work again or failing that, how I can get the earlier version 
back again?

Thank you


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3/23/2010 1:49:17 PM
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