Sending e-mails on the correct server for the Hotmail system

I can no longer use http to send e-mails. what can I do to line up with what 
my computer will allow to send e-mails to other servers
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Windows Mail, this email client which this newsgroup supports until =
group closure, does not support the http protocol(currently=20
called DeltaSync for Hotmail accounts)
- you have three options for Hotmail type accounts(, =, and similar derivatives of the same domaian e.g.=20, etc)
1. Windows Live Mail
2. Outlook 2003 and greater and only with the Outlook Hotmail Connector =
3. Browser access to the Hotmail web interface (http:/ or = - both yielding the same end=20
destination - Hotmail UI)

Hotmail accounts can be setup using Pop3 in any capable Pop3 email =
Instructions for doing so can be found here:
    Hotmail and MSN Accounts POP3/SMTP Access

ms-mvp mail

"Dottyjo"  wrote in message =

I can no longer use http to send e-mails. what can I do to line up with =
my computer will allow to send e-mails to other servers=20

8/2/2010 5:53:36 AM
"Dottyjo" <> wrote in message
>I can no longer use http to send e-mails. what can I do to line up with 
> my computer will allow to send e-mails to other servers 

8/2/2010 7:32:36 PM
"Dottyjo" <> wrote in message
>I can no longer use http to send e-mails. what can I do to line up with 
> my computer will allow to send e-mails to other servers 

8/5/2010 10:09:29 AM

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