POP3 server not responding

What could be causing my POP3 server to not respond.
I have other computers set up the exact same as this computer and they get 
This computer's Windows Mail gets hung up with POP3 server not responding.

3/10/2010 6:54:01 AM
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Crystal Ball is out of Commission today. What is the error message that is showing. 
Post it as per verbatim to receive help


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"Kenny-G" <Kenny-G@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
> What could be causing my POP3 server to not respond.
> I have other computers set up the exact same as this computer and they get
> e-mail.
> This computer's Windows Mail gets hung up with POP3 server not responding.

3/10/2010 4:22:58 PM

"Kenny-G" wrote:

> What could be causing my POP3 server to not respond.
> I have other computers set up the exact same as this computer and they get 
> e-mail.
> This computer's Windows Mail gets hung up with POP3 server not responding.
3/11/2010 6:28:01 AM

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