Mail Forwarded Unruled - WMail Non Responsive

Windows Mail problem stems from some email error that is sending a email to a 
recipient that runs in background without my knowing it is doing that when a 
new email arrives in Windows Mail it is automatically forwarded and then a 
error is seen by their server and it is marked as SPAM and returned to me in 
a two file type attachment with the explaination it is marked as SPAM.

This was happening to every email received my mother, father, and other 
emails I have addresses online that work OK with Windows Mail. Right now I 
got 86 emails that have been errored and many others that actually went 
through to the server without my knowing and I did not know how to stop it 
from sending to the recipient. I figured that the recipient address was 
coming from somewhere but I had no idea that maybe it was stored in the 
registry like you have described and all of the recent emails sent can be 
deleted within the particular KEY. So I have decided to delete them after 
looking in the Registry and it didn't end the behind the scenes sending of 
emails when received to the recipient. If you got another solution please 
tell me right now what else I can do which will stop the sending to that 
recipient, OK, I will do that as well. The Utility '' does the 
same thing inside the Registry and there was no other location where the 
recipients email address was located as I never added the recipient to send 
mail to nor sent mail to him. I was contacted by him after I telephoned him 
to update him on our situation and he did respond that this is happening and 
that his server is finding lots of SPAM EMAIL from me.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows Mail \ Recently Used 

All I simply have to do is open Windows Mail and it begins to send and 
receive these SPAM identified emails to him which I have received. I 
contacted Charter about it and their Mail Server is not affected at the 
website so the problem is isolated to only one computer Windows Mail Program 
because after opening Windows Mail on another computer the problem did not 
occur. I deleted all of the emails I read and all that were identified in the 
Sent Folder.

Norton Internet Security is finding this problem, marking the emails but is 
not stopping them from being sent by Windows Mail. These are shown in the log 
as a error.
This is happening without my consent.
Some are actually making it to the other email server and being returned 
while others are failing to send due to a server connection error. I got 
eighty now that are errors.
It is not taking place on the webmail server, emails are not showing as 
having been sent or returned, just in Windows Mail for that email address.
It is not taking place on my other computer when I run Windows Mail.

On July 31st a Trojan Horse was detected and quarantined by Norton Internet 
Security SIX TIMES I might add.
It was located in a JAVA file and deleted. I don't think this is related 
since the problem continued after July 31st but this could have began the 
problem and if its deleted as stated it cannot re-establish again.


New World - As easy to fix as it would be to start building underwater 
cities and interconnecting tunnels.
Michael @ Hotmail
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"Michael @ Hotmail" <> wrote in 
> Windows Mail problem stems from some email error that is sending a email 
> to a
> recipient that runs in background without my knowing it is doing that when 
> a
> new email arrives in Windows Mail it is automatically forwarded and then a
> error is seen by their server and it is marked as SPAM and returned to me 
> in
> a two file type attachment with the explaination it is marked as SPAM.
> -- 
> New World - As easy to fix as it would be to start building underwater
> cities and interconnecting tunnels.
> Michael @ Hotmail

Check the email rules to see if any of them are set up to forward that
email, possibly incorrectly.

If that doesn't help, try to find an anti-spyware program compatible
with your antivirus program.  Some of the older antivirus programs
consider spyware something they shouldn't even try to find; some of
the newer ones include an anti-spyware section instead.

Some of the anti-spyware programs I've used include:

Windows Defender from Microsoft

Malwarebytes' Anti-malware

Spybot Search and Destroy

Having more than one anti-spyware program installed is
not known to cause problems; but having more than one
antivirus program installed often does.

Also, which version of  Norton Internet Security are you using?
I've seen information saying that the 2009 version is the first
version compatible with the email section of Windows Mail,
and information from Norton chat technicians saying that neither
the 2009 version nor the 2010 version have been adequately
tested for compatibility with the newsgroups sections of either
Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail, only with the email
sections.  The 2011 version is still in beta test, with several
problems already reported for the version being tested.

Could you check the date of the last successfully completed
full scan run of Norton Internet Security on your machine?
If it's not AFTER  the trojan horse was detected, you
probably need to manually start a full scan run and wait
for it to finish, since I've already found that it gives you
no warnings if it's been over 3 months since the last
automatically started full scan run finished successfully,
and it's also been over 3 months since you did a manually
started run.  The automatically started full scan runs are
NOT adequate if you have so many files that they will not
finish by the time you resume using the computer the next day,
since your resumed use will halt those runs before they finish,

Robert Miles 

8/5/2010 1:17:01 AM

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