Printing multiple pages

Maybe not a Vista thing. I'm trying to print 4 pages of the same document on 
one sheet of A - i.e.. 4 x A6 on one page.

I am choosing 'Multiple pages per sheet' from the Page Handling>Page Scaling 
drop down menu and 4 pages per sheet..

However the preview window shows only one page in the top left corner, and 
this is what actually prints instead of 4.

Can anyone help or point me to a more suitable group pse? 

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On Sun, 14 Feb 2010 20:02:11 -0000, "Trevor"
<> wrote:

>Maybe not a Vista thing. I'm trying to print 4 pages of the same document on 
>one sheet of A - i.e.. 4 x A6 on one page.
>I am choosing 'Multiple pages per sheet' from the Page Handling>Page Scaling 
>drop down menu and 4 pages per sheet..
>However the preview window shows only one page in the top left corner, and 
>this is what actually prints instead of 4.
>Can anyone help or point me to a more suitable group pse? 

Sounds like more of a printer driver issue. You might try the
manufacturer's web site for a KB on using it on Vista, or perhaps for
upgrading the driver. There are some usenet printer groups, but they
tend towards hardware issues instead of software. 

2/15/2010 12:13:32 AM

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