Where is 'Windows7" Nesgroup?
This question is being asked here (on
methodically, weekly (if not more often), so it became a "sticky note" 
everyone is tired of answering.  Some of us feel that the question is 
repeated by people too lazy to Google or learn for themselves.  Let's answer 
this question once & for ALL, only problem I can't make this Article a 
"sticky note" also (unlike the question - ironically), let's hope these 
people can SEARCH & LOCATE my answer, here it goes: ************************

Two possible Newsgroups (Usenet):
*) alt.windows7.general   ---> is growing in popularity, English 
**)   ---> Italian.

Start at Alt.Windows7.General
Not all servers carry it (at least not yet), bt here're two great FREE 
Newsserver that do:
ETERNAL-SEPTEMBER.ORG FIRST, then in your Newsgroup reader set server/portas 
their website insutrcts you, set "requires to login" and enter 
userID/password you chose.  This is the greatest free newsserver in the 
world, people who pay to Giganews or use GoogleGroups are misinformed & 
waste time/money elsewhere.
**)  --> I never tried this one, but people say it's also good (?)

There's one at Tom's Hardware, forgot the address but Tom provides a great
service to community (for free).

Microsoft has set up Windows 7 support in web forums, part of a general
migration away from usenet:

There is a NNTP bridge available  this
may not be a perfectly direct adderss, so search for "NNTP
Bridge" in case link provided here gets obsoleted, you need to install this
bridge only if you get sick of Web interface, if you're OK using Web instead
of a professional's choice which is Usenet/Newsgroups, then you don't need
NNTP Bridge.

Here's also a large Google-owned group, but it's NOT Usenet, it's NOT even
Microsoft Forums.  This is the lamest "Google Groups" interface, it's given
here as an extra, you can use them if the above list and chiefly if
alt.windows7.general is not enough.  This group has 1034 subscribers as of
today, which is not much less than this Vista.General (which has 1300+
permanent members).
Avoid it if you can, not to mention they require to register (restricted)
and "Kevin Panzke" isn't there yet.

Stan Starinski
Web:   Currently OFF for
Consulting Engineer (EE+ME, ECAD+MCAD [3D/2D]), R&D + Prototype,
Embedded/Firmware ["C" or ASM for Microcontrollers], computers).

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