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It does not look like vista is full text indexing word documents.
I have set the option:
Indexing Options in the Control Panel and click Advanced,
then clicked the File Types tab. Add the .doc, doxc file types 
and clicked the option to "index properties and file contents."

However I still cannot full text search word document.

any ideas?
3/17/2010 12:31:32 AM
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The answer to Vista's lame search is:


FileLocatorPro.  There's also free AgentRansack but like most free things, 
it's not superb.

WindowsXp search was slow but WORKING, especially with text strings.  I am 
sure it would be FINE today with much increased computer power.
But Vista took a step backwards in terms of search for ASCII/unicode 
It simply doesn't work.

By the way, disable that indexing on all drives if you don't want to be 
bogged down by it.... search still works OK esp. on powerful computers

The real solution for Vista users is:


3/18/2010 12:26:33 AM

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