Do I need to download SP2 and SP3 even though Windows Update updates my Vista regularly?

I bought a computer running Genuine Vista Home Premium w/SP1.

I have set Windows Update to download updates regularly--and it's
downloaded quite a few so far.

Do I still need to download SP2 and SP3 and install them myself
manually?  Or is Windows Update updating my system in an equivalent way?

Steven L.
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Steven Litvintchouk;1198418 Wrote: 
> I bought a computer running Genuine Vista Home Premium w/SP1.
> I have set Windows Update to download updates regularly--and it's
> downloaded quite a few so far.
> Do I still need to download SP2 and SP3 and install them myself
> manually? Or is Windows Update updating my system in an equivalent way?
> --
> Steven L.
> sdlitvin@newsgroup
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SP2 is still optional while that contains some improvements as well as
certain fixes to improve performance as noticed by many who report that
following the installation of the second service pack released earlier
this year. 

There is no SP3 for Vista however. You may be confusing that with the
3rd service pack for XP released in late 2008. You can download SP2
separately and create a new system restore point prior to installing the
service pack. Due to it's it will take a good part of an hour to
complete installation but is worth having on. :)

Night Hawk

12/11/2009 2:53:30 AM

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