Server migration

I currently have a single SBS 2003 server running my exchange.

It has become unreliable (Hardware) and need to be replaced.

My plan is to setup a new SBS 2008 server, add it to the domain and then 
swop out the old server.

Can you tell me if this strategy will work and what key steps are needed?

Will the 2 servers conflict?

Is there a better way to achieve the changeover?

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It's really more involved than that.
To my knowledge there are Three Methods.
(people come up with new ways all the time.)

Microsoft Method
Migrating to Windows Small Business Server 2008 from Windows Small Business 
Server 2003

SwingMigration (Very Well Documented and Supported Third Party 

The  Fork Lift. or Brute Force.
Build server,
Move Data
Move users.

In each Case you should know what you are doing....
And IMO do this on a weekend (Even though MS says you can do it live...)


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"WDLtd" <> wrote in message
> I currently have a single SBS 2003 server running my exchange.
> It has become unreliable (Hardware) and need to be replaced.
> My plan is to setup a new SBS 2008 server, add it to the domain and then
> swop out the old server.
> Can you tell me if this strategy will work and what key steps are needed?
> Will the 2 servers conflict?
> Is there a better way to achieve the changeover?
2/18/2010 7:35:24 PM

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