SBS2008 RRAS service causes other servcies to crash

Would be VERY grateful if there is an expert eye that can be cast over 
my problem.

I have an SBS2008 server which has been working fine for about 3 months. 
Just before christmas RRAS stopped So I manually started it and it 
stopped again.

Then had a critical email notice saying all these services stopped
The Application Experience service has been stopped.
The Background Intelligent Transfer Service service has been stopped.
The Network Policy Server service has been stopped.
The IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules service has been stopped.
The IP Helper service has been stopped.
The Server service has been stopped.
The User Profile Service service has been stopped.
The Task Scheduler service has been stopped.
The Secondary Logon service has been stopped.
The System Event Notification Service service has been stopped.
The Shell Hardware Detection service has been stopped.
The Windows Update service has been stopped.

So I rebooted in safe mode and have disabled RRAS and alls well except 
my users who use VPN are not happy.

I cannot work out where to go from here. I have run the SBS2008 BPA 
which just tells me one or two minor things as follows

SBS2008 BPA OUTPUT******************************************************

There are 7 things and the only VPN related item is
VPN Port (TCP 1723) Status Error.The system process should listen on 
Port 1723, but that port is owned by the process. I think the process 
name should be in the owned by the PROCESSNAME process but there is 
nothing there. I did a portqry and no process has that port that I could 

Other BPS items are
Exchange with Service Pack 1
Free space is low (25Gb)
Local activation permission to the IIS WAMREG AdminService Required
The Companyweb value does not exisit in the BackConnectionHostnames 
registry key
Windows SBS2008 is running on a virtual machine. I know its not 
supported but Im not using any com ports or USB so cant think that is a 

Can anyone save me from a rebuild? Can I reinstall the RRAS? I ran the 
VPN wizard, but that just enabled the RRAS service and gave me the above 
problems again.


Ens Mith
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