SBS 2003 migration to Server 2008 STD


We are at the limit of 75 Users and want to Migrate away from our old SBS 
2003 Server to two new 2008 STD Server (one for Exchange 2010)

I have looked for infos how to do that correctly but i could not find any 
good basis to start with.

Someone already accomplished that task?
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I recommend Server 2008 R2 over 2008. If you use Server 2008 make sure you 
have SP2 or better installed before you try to install Exchange 2010.

I have done it. It was fairly straightforward. That said it was not easy. 
There is a lot of conflicting information on the web. The basic procedure 
is: Bring up a Server 2008 R2 domain controller. Leave it a few days to make 
sure replication is working and AD is healthy. It's very important that AD 
is very healthy before you move on from here. Fix all problems flagged by 
the SBS BPA. Make sure both servers and Exchange 2003 are up to date with 
updates and service packs. Run dcdiag against both DC's and make sure there 
are no problems. Make sure there are no errors in the event logs of either 
DC. Bring up the Exchange 2010 server and install Exchange 2010. Migrate 
from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010. Uninstall Exchange 2003 on the SBS 
server. Demote the SBS server and remove it from the domain. The SBS 2003 to 
SBS 2008 migration papers will help a lot. Read through the following links 
and make sure you understand them before proceeding. Make a checklist before 
starting. Expect that you will miss something on the checklist. Go slow, 
watching the install and event logs along the way. The biggest problem I had 
was figuring out how to request then import a certificate in Exchange 2010. 
I highly recommend you purchase the needed certificate rather than use a 
self signed certificate.






You could save yourself a lot of grief and use 
They support this migration. If I was doing this again I'd use them even 
though I've already done one migration myself. I had many false steps. Never 
had to roll back but that was a distinct possibility a couple of times 
during the migration. The migration took me almost a month of research then 
trial and error. By their method it could have been done over a weekend. I 
was migrating my own Exchange server. If it would have been a customer's 
server I would not hesitate to use It would be hard to 
make any money by the trial and error method. It probably took me 25 hours 
of actual work sitting in front of a computer that way.

Do you use other features of SBS 2003 like RWW and SharePoint? You will lose 
those features so if you use them you will have to figure out how to migrate 
SharePoint to SharePoint 2010 and an alternative for RWW like TS Gateway.



Kerry Brown
MS-MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Systems Administration

"Patrick" <> wrote in message
> Hi.
> We are at the limit of 75 Users and want to Migrate away from our old SBS
> 2003 Server to two new 2008 STD Server (one for Exchange 2010)
> I have looked for infos how to do that correctly but i could not find any
> good basis to start with.
> Someone already accomplished that task? 

8/11/2010 4:25:51 PM

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