installing Windows Server SP2 onto SBS 2003 SP1

I have SBS 2003 SP1.  I have been keeping up with all the windows updates for 
this machine and would like to update the machine to SP2.  

I had heard that if you try to update the SBS 2003 SP1 server to SP2, you 
need to unload a lot of the updates issued after the SP2 was submitted.  Is 
this true?
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Hi Carl,

This hasn't been my experience.  And there is no SBS 2003 SP2.  It's Windows 
2003 SP2 installed on top of SBS 2003 SP1 (which already has Win2003 SP1 

Run the SBS 2003 BPA prior to the install of Win2003 SP2 to make sure you 
don't have an issues with the existing server.  Then install Win2003 SP2. 
Then run SBS 2003 BPA again and perform any recommendation it makes or clean 
up any problems it finds.

SBS 2003 BPA

Merv  Porter   [SBS-MVP]
"Carl Gross" <> wrote in message
> I have SBS 2003 SP1.  I have been keeping up with all the windows updates 
> for
> this machine and would like to update the machine to SP2.
> I had heard that if you try to update the SBS 2003 SP1 server to SP2, you
> need to unload a lot of the updates issued after the SP2 was submitted. 
> Is
> this true? 

2/3/2010 7:40:13 PM

Read through this article and determine if the fix therein may pertain to 
your situation.

Please post the resolution to your
issue so others may benefit
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> I have SBS 2003 SP1.  I have been keeping up with all the windows
> updates for this machine and would like to update the machine to SP2.
> I had heard that if you try to update the SBS 2003 SP1 server to SP2,
> you need to unload a lot of the updates issued after the SP2 was
> submitted.  Is this true?

2/4/2010 1:27:07 AM

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