Cannot add contacts to Distribution Group in SBS 2008 Console


I cannot for the life of me figure out a way to add contacts to a mail
enabled distribution group in SBS Console. I can add users but not
contacts. My group was created just fine, I added domain users and
cannot see any contacts to add. Only users, distribution groups and
security groups. So I decided to head over to AD Users and Computers
(I did not use that tool to create the group and I know not to go
there to create groups if I want to see them in SBS Console). From
there I clicked on my distribution group and saw my domain users. So
then I added my mail enabled contacts that had been created a while
back to that group, hit save and close. Voila. Now I sent an e-mail to
the distribution group and everything was fine. The contacts and users
are getting their mail. BUT. But now when I go to the SBS Console and
click on the group, I see no contacts! Go back to AD and they are
there. Is it me or does SBS Console not want you to add contacts to a
distribution group??

My contacts were created outside of the SBS Console of course as there
is nowhere inside the Console to create contacts.

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Thanks for your post.

Mail Enabled Contacts will NOT be shown as options to be added to groups in the SBS Console, this is by design. SBS uses mail enabled contacts for internal functions such 
as mail-archiving to SharePoint and does not expose them to be selected in the console.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
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