Very strange situation - Migrated ressources still accessible from groups in old domain ?

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(first, sorry if I make mistakes but I am not fluent ;-))
we have a strange behaviour and I dont understand why.

Here is the situation : 

1. We have an old NT4 domain named MSNT and we have migrated (long time ago) user accounts; security groups and computers from MSNT to our AD named MSAD.
The old MSNT domain is still existing and actually when we create an account, we first create it on MSNT and they we are migrating it to MSAD.

Ok for everybody ? :)

Now the strange behaviour ...

2. Our shares are on a NAS (CIFS) and are configured with this : Read/Write for MSAD\UsersCCP.
UsersCCP is an MSAD group previously migrated from MSNT.

3. If a migrated user is not a member of MSAD\UsersCCP BUT is a member of MSNT\UsersCCP group he will be able to access the share !!!

Is it normal ? 
I really dont understand as the ACL are configured for the MSAD group but no more the MSNT group !

thank you


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<DIV>(first, sorry if I make mistakes but I am not fluent ;-))</DIV>
<DIV>we have a strange behaviour and I dont understand why.</DIV>
<DIV>Here is the situation : </DIV>
<DIV>1. We have an old NT4 domain named MSNT and we have migrated (long time 
ago) user accounts; security groups and computers from MSNT to our AD named 
<DIV>The old MSNT domain is still existing and actually when we create an 
account, we first create it on MSNT and they we are migrating it to MSAD.</DIV>
<DIV>Ok for everybody ? :)</DIV>
<DIV>Now the strange behaviour ...</DIV>
<DIV>2. Our shares are on a NAS (CIFS) and are configured with this : Read/Write 
<DIV>UsersCCP is an MSAD group previously migrated from MSNT.</DIV>
<DIV>3. If a migrated user is not a member of MSAD\UsersCCP <U>BUT is a member 
of MSNT\UsersCCP</U> group he will be able to access the share !!!</DIV>
<DIV>Is it normal ? </DIV>
<DIV>I really dont understand as the ACL are configured for the MSAD group but 
no more the MSNT group !</DIV>
<DIV>thank you</DIV><PRE id=3D"signature"><CR>


7/2/2010 8:21:21 PM
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