user account control - password not required

i know that does not mean there isn't a pwd, just that there might
be.  is there a good way to check?

6/20/2010 7:07:59 PM
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Hello nlehrer,

I can not really follow you. What are you trying to ask? UAC has nothing 
to do with passwords.

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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> i know that does not mean there isn't a pwd, just that there might
> not
> be.  is there a good way to check?
> thanks

6/20/2010 7:19:26 PM

Am 20.06.2010 21:07, schrieb nlehrer:
> i know that does not mean there isn't a pwd, just that there might
> not
> be.  is there a good way to check?

The PASSWD_NOTREQD flag isn't exposed in the UI - probably for a good 
reason. It indicates that an account (user and computer) does not need a 
password. It undermines security and shouldn't be used in a large scale.

Here's how you can set it: - 
you'll probably want to use it with ADSIEdit or some scripting.

6/21/2010 4:39:20 AM

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