Upgrading to Server 2008 R2 DC's

I run a one man IT shop and haven't done a major infrastructure change
over before. We are looking at replacing and upgrading our small server
infrastructure. I was hoping someone could give me some things to look
out for. I basically want to replace all of our servers with new ones
and migrate AD and Exchange up. Currently we have:

1x Server 2003 Standard SP2 that is Exchange Standard 2003 / DC / DNS
(this has OWA facing internet)
1x Server 2003 Standard SP2 that is DC / DHCP
1x Server 2003 Standard SP2 that is a file server
1x off site hosted website

I want to move to (i would be buying new hardware all around):

2x Server 2008 Standard R2 that is DC / DNS / DHCP
1x Server 2008 Standard R2 that is Exchange Standard 2007
1x Server 2008 Standard SP2 that is Web/App Server
1x Server 2008 Standard R2 that is File Server

Our current AD domain is a company.local that i want to move to a
company.com (i want to pull our hosted website back in house and keep
our OWA site up). I think i have a good grasp on migrating to the 2008

1. Add new 2008 R2 server to domain as member
2. Add the DC role with GC, DNS, and DHCP role
3. Add second 2008 R2 server to domain as member
4. Add the DC role with DNS (do i need GC here too?)
5. Demote the old DC servers and remove them from the domain

Since my 2003 schema was modified by exchange 2003, how will the update
to 2008 affect it? How hard is it to move over from the company.local to
the company.com domain setup?

I assume i need to follow similar steps for the exchange server?

1. add new 2008 r2 server to domain as member
2. install exchange 2007 standard (im guessing this will modify the AD
schema as needed)
3. Move mailboxes from 2003 server to 2007 server
4. once all mailboxes moved, remove 2003 server from network

I know this is a combo Directory Services / Exchange question, but
those two things are so integrated, i hoped this would be the best place
for the question. Thanks for any help, and i apologize for the "noobish"

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