Trouble modifying Folder rights

I am working on a script to create new users in our domain.  One of the steps 
is to create a home directory.  What I want to accomplish is create the 
folder. Turn off inheritance from the parent object, and add the the 
individual rules that are necessary.

So far I can create the folder and get the current acl but it does not seem 
to be getting modified.  here is my code so far.

New-Item "\\***********\test2" -type directory

$strFolder = "\\***********\test2"
$ACL = Get-Acl $strFolder
$identity = "Domain\admjsampson"
$rights = "modify"
#$Inheritance = @("ObjectInherit", "ContainerInherit")
$Inheritance = "ContainerInherit"
$Propagation = "None"
$Type = "Allow"
$Rule = New-Object$identity,$rights, 
$inheritance, $propagation, $type)

Any help would be appreciated.
3/5/2010 5:10:01 PM
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Jacob Sampson wrote:
> I am working on a script to create new users in our domain.  One of the steps 
> is to create a home directory.  What I want to accomplish is create the 
> folder. Turn off inheritance from the parent object, and add the the 
> individual rules that are necessary.
> So far I can create the folder and get the current acl but it does not seem 
> to be getting modified.  here is my code so far.
> New-Item "\\***********\test2" -type directory
> $strFolder = "\\***********\test2"
> $ACL = Get-Acl $strFolder
> $identity = "Domain\admjsampson"
> $rights = "modify"
> #$Inheritance = @("ObjectInherit", "ContainerInherit")
> $Inheritance = "ContainerInherit"
> $Propagation = "None"
> $Type = "Allow"
> $Rule = New-Object 
> $inheritance, $propagation, $type)
> $ACL.SetAccessRuleProtection("$True","$False")
> $ACL.resetaccessrule($Rule)
> Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Jacob,

You're on the right lines with this, the step you've missed is applying 
the new ACL. All of the changes you've done so far effect the ACL you've 
loaded into memory.


Set-ACL $strFolder -AclObject $ACL

One additional right you might want to add is Synchronize:

$rights = "modify", "Synchronize"

That'll change this from a "Special" permission to the Modify tick box 
in the main / basic permissions page.


3/5/2010 7:59:48 PM

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