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In outlook express my preview pane takes up the whole page . I have to 
scroll down to see my in-box mail. What went wrong. It was ok until now. 

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This group is for Windows Live Mail, not OE.
In WLM, the Preview Pane can be positioned to the right of, or below the 
message list.
In either location, it does not block folder pane, where the Inboxes are 

Windows 7  Ultimate

"Andy Petro" <> wrote in message 
> In outlook express my preview pane takes up the whole page . I have to 
> scroll down to see my in-box mail. What went wrong. It was ok until now.
11/17/2009 10:24:31 PM
This is the wrong newsgroup for Outlook Express (OE) issues.
The preview pane can be resized in both OE and Windows Live Mail.

Gary VanderMolen, Microsoft MVP (Mail)

"Andy Petro" <> wrote in message =
> In outlook express my preview pane takes up the whole page . I have to =

> scroll down to see my in-box mail. What went wrong. It was ok until =
11/17/2009 10:52:39 PM

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Hi All, we have set up a VPN connection to HQ to access CRM. when we try to preview the report over VPN, it will prompt to enter username and password. but this doesn't happen when preview at local LAN. anybody encounter? Thanks. -- Regards, Venedict I beleive that this occurs because you are authenticating to the Crystal Report Server. Althought it looks seemless to your users, the reports are generated from the ASP crystal service. Pierre Hulsebus. Hi, is there anyway to let it auto authenticate without prompting the user again, since when log in the CRM it is authenticat...

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