.eml messages

I recently installed an update and now have Windows Live Mail on my system. 
It has taken over for showing any .eml messages I receive. I use Outlook 
Express and like it. I do not want this change. How can I get .eml messages 
to show in Outlook Express like they used to? I have used the file "type" tab 
under "folder options", but that does not work.
5/11/2010 3:13:01 PM
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Windows Live Mail is an option, not an update. If you don't want it, 
remove it.

OLEXP: Unable to Open EML File Attachments in Outlook Express:

Set OE as default:

Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs | Set Program Access and Defaults | 
Custom + Down Arrow | Select the radio button for Outlook Express.

Make OE the default e-mail client:

For links in e-mail:


Restores OE to the E-mail clients list in Internet Options

Outlook Express General newsgroup:

In your newsreader:

On the Web:
           Bruce Hagen
         MS-MVP  [Mail]
      Imperial Beach, CA

"freds5" <freds5@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
>I recently installed an update and now have Windows Live Mail on my 
> It has taken over for showing any .eml messages I receive. I use Outlook
> Express and like it. I do not want this change. How can I get .eml 
> messages
> to show in Outlook Express like they used to? I have used the file 
> "type" tab
> under "folder options", but that does not work. 

5/11/2010 3:23:35 PM
Uninstall Windows Live Mail
 Add-Remove Programs/Windows Live Essentials/
 - uncheck Windows Live Mail

Reset OE as your default email client in Windows XP,  OE and IE's properties(see Bruce's response for specifics)

Ensure you uncheck Windows Live Mail if prompted in Windows/Microsoft Update(look under the Optional section)

  ms-mvp mail

"freds5" <freds5@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message news:15C40DBB-90D6-4A24-A12A-8A47B924FAE5@microsoft.com...
> I recently installed an update and now have Windows Live Mail on my system. 
> It has taken over for showing any .eml messages I receive. I use Outlook 
> Express and like it. I do not want this change. How can I get .eml messages 
> to show in Outlook Express like they used to? I have used the file "type" tab 
> under "folder options", but that does not work. 
5/12/2010 6:19:47 AM

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