Slow UAC and Booting - My Solution


Recently my sister's laptop, HP DV9000 Series, had this problem with logging on
and the UAC black out took about 20 - 25 seconds before the window popped up. I
was reading other forums and found out about msconfig. I opened it up and went
to the Startup tab. I went through the list and disabled the ones she would
rarely have any use for and the UAC "black out" went down to 1-3 seconds.

My Solution:
-Just open the "Start Menu" and type "msconfig" without quotation marks. 
-When it shows on the menu open it and go to the "Startup" tab.
-Simply go through the list and decide which ones are not important to you. 
-I disabled/unchecked all the HP stuff because windows already had something
similar or better. -Also I disabled/unchecked, if they existed: xaudio, vongo,
stllsvr, roxmediad89, installdriver table manager, cyberlink background,
cyberlink task.

Further INFO:
Here is a link/url if you're having booting issues too. Once you're on the site
press "CRTL+f" and type "VISTA SLOW BOOTUP FIXED" without the quotation marks
and click on Highlight all to find them easier.
4/7/2010 6:14:49 AM
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