yet another resource editting thread

I need to edit resources at runtime (i.e. the string table, menus, and
dialog control sizes).  I would like to use the BeginUpdateResource,
UpdateResource, and EndUpdateResource functions.

One of the problems I have is this:
If I load the menu from file with FindResource, LoadResource,
LockResource, I have the binary menu data, and I can't really
manipulate raw binary.
If I load the menu with LoadMenu, i have a CMenu, that I can change
but I don't know how to convert the final menu back to binary data
that I would update with the UpdateResource command.
So, how do you update?

Another question is: with UpdateResource, the last parameter specifies
the size of the new menu/dialog/whatever, but how would you get this
size?  I know of the SizeOfResource function, but that returns the
size of the resource I want to REPLACE, whereas I need the size of the
resource I want to replace it WITH.

Any snippet of sample code would be extremely helpful and appreciated.
 I have looked at the "Using Resources" example on msdn, but that
example copies an already binary dialog box from one resource dll to
another.  What I need is the conversion from the template structure to
binary data.

floobles (5)
11/8/2004 7:38:29 PM
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On 8 Nov 2004 11:38:29 -0800, (floobles) wrote:
>I need to edit resources at runtime. (i.e. the string table, menus, and
>dialog control sizes).  I would like to use the BeginUpdateResource,
>UpdateResource, and EndUpdateResource functions.
>One of the problems I have is this:
>If I load the menu from file with FindResource, LoadResource,
>LockResource, I have the binary menu data, and I can't really
>manipulate raw binary.

I think you can, and you're supposed to. The MSDN topic "Resource File
Formats" describes it. I wrote code for injecting bitmaps and icons
and strings onto an EXE's resource table using this information.
(actually, I avoided BeginUpdateResource &c. and wrote in pure
portable C++, for a unix web server which delivered customised


lu.nn (2)
11/8/2004 10:15:57 PM

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