Why Out of memory error when trying to create a thread?

I'm using MS Visual C++ .NET, Windows XP, and 1GB RAM.
Why could be the reason why I get an error message saying

Out of memory

when running the following code

CClientThread* pThread = (CClientThread*) 

My application does only have this additional thread.
Joachim1 (26)
3/6/2005 5:53:02 PM
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Joachim wrote:
> I'm using MS Visual C++ .NET, Windows XP, and 1GB RAM.
> Why could be the reason why I get an error message saying
> Out of memory
> when running the following code
> CClientThread* pThread = (CClientThread*)
> My application does only have this additional thread.

CWinThread* AFXAPI AfxBeginThread(CRuntimeClass* pThreadClass,
	int nPriority, UINT nStackSize, DWORD dwCreateFlags,
#ifndef _MT

	return NULL;
	ASSERT(pThreadClass != NULL);

	CWinThread* pThread = (CWinThread*)pThreadClass->CreateObject();
	if (pThread == NULL)

I would check that your CClientThread has DECLARE_DYNCREATE so that
CreateObject is available. Either way you have to go figure why
pThreadClass->CreateObject seems to be failing.

rquirk1 (133)
3/7/2005 9:37:20 AM

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