Which control should I use to display Unicode characters?

Hi,  there,

I want to show Unicode characters, such as Chinese and 
Arabic.  Which control should I use?  Could you please 
give me a bit of example code?

Thanks a lot.

gary_gzi (5)
8/18/2003 2:53:23 PM
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You do not need specific control to display Unicode strings. Normally, you
would use SetWindowText function to set the control text. If you look in
winuser.h file this 'function' #defined as SetWindowTextA or SetWindowTextW
(depending on the type of the build). If you want to use Unicode text
regardless of build type, specify SetWindowTextW explicitly. Note that you
need to have appropriate fonts installed to able to view chinese or arabic

"Gary" <gary_gzi@yahoo.com> wrote in message
> Hi,  there,
> I want to show Unicode characters, such as Chinese and
> Arabic.  Which control should I use?  Could you please
> give me a bit of example code?
> Thanks a lot.
> Gary

8/18/2003 7:52:12 PM

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