What's the deal with List View ignoring LVIF_STATE in OnLvnGetdispinfo Microsoft, please comment !

Hello all. 

I have whis wierd problem with list view ignoring LVIF_STATE in
OnLvnGetdispinfo message handler. It is a custom drawn virtual list. 

When the list is initially displayed, I'm not getting any LVIF_STATE
requests.for the items displayed,  only when I scroll the list I start
getting it, but list ignores it flat-out.

Also, how come I'm not getting any OnLvnSetdispinfo messages?

I've run into so many incosistencies when dealig with the virtual
custom drawn list that's quickly becoming the nightmare.

Here's the current bug list:

1. Keyboard selection bug: when using shift +  cursors, the list would
select wrong items. Fixed by overriding key down event and selecing
items myself.
2. Mouse selection bug: when clicking on one item, then pressing shift
and clicking on the second items, wrong items would get selected.
Fixed by overriding the mouse down event and again selecting items
3. Not receiving LVN_SETDISPINFO message. Workaround was to trap
4. in NM_CUSTOMDRAW handler, nmcd.uItemState bit 0 is always 1,
meaning the item is selected when it's not ?????
5. in NM_CUSTOMDRAW handler nmcd rect information is incorrect
6. list ignores the state of the item in the OnLvnGetdispinfo, which
is a pain in the ass if some of the items are selected and more items
are added to the list. Since I maintain the selection information, the
items are still drawn selected, but the list doesn't "know" they are
selected. Go figure.

items 1 and 2 were problematic only  in the  icon mode. Report mode
was working ok. 3,4, 5 and 6 are always there 

6 is a real problem, since I have to sync the selection information I
maintain every time the items are added/removed from the list. With
large amount of items this might get noticable.

Can anyone comment or give some advice? I've switched from custom
CView to CListView and I'm beginning to think it might've been a
mistake. Btw, I've also tried MFC8 (ships with VS2005). but it behaves
the same.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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11/27/2005 3:48:15 AM
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