Visual C++ question (I think)

can you have a 2-d array that is size of say:

char A[50000][200];

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10/28/2004 2:39:37 AM
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"Cephus�" <> wrote in message
> can you have a 2-d array that is size of say:
> char A[50000][200];

That's only 10 megabytes (well, not quite, it's 10 million bytes).  Assuming
that you're running Windows 3.1 and only have 4 MB of RAM and no swap file
then the answer is no.  If you're running almost any modern version of
windows then the answer is, maybe.  It depends on how much RAM you have and
your virtual memory setting.  You could make it fail but on most current
computers you'd never even notice it.


ndrez (136)
10/28/2004 9:04:04 PM
Yes you can, it's a quite reasonable 10MB as Norm says.  What you can't do 
is this:

blah function( blah )
    char A[50000][20];

because you only have 1MB of stack space by default.

All the Best
Julian N.

"Cephus�" <> wrote in message
> can you have a 2-d array that is size of say:
> char A[50000][200];
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10/29/2004 10:02:57 AM

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