Using FindFirstChangeNotification() problem

I am new to the win32 C++ language and is having a problem with inplementing 
the above structure, below is the code that i'm using to monitor a 
folder/file exclusively for renaming action:


//change notification is set now start monitoring
//start wait proccess
DWORD wp = WaitForSingleObject(ret, INFINITE);

   case WAIT_OBJECT_0 :
   HANDLE hDir = CreateFile(
    NULL, /* security descriptor */
    OPEN_EXISTING, /* how to create */
    FILE_FLAG_BACKUP_SEMANTICS, /* file attributes */

  DWORD BytesReturned;
     hDir, /* handle to directory */
     &Buffer, /* read results buffer */
     sizeof(Buffer), /* length of buffer */
     TRUE, /* monitoring option */
     FILE_NOTIFY_CHANGE_FILE_NAME, /* filter conditions */
     &BytesReturned, /* bytes returned */
     NULL, /* overlapped buffer */
     LPTSTR htxt;
     case FILE_ACTION_ADDED: htxt = "The file was added to the directory"; 
      case FILE_ACTION_REMOVED: htxt = "The file was removed from the 
directory"; break;
      case FILE_ACTION_MODIFIED: htxt = "The file was modified. This can be 
a change in the time stamp or attributes."; break;
      case FILE_ACTION_RENAMED_OLD_NAME: htxt = "The file was renamed and 
this is the old name."; break;
      case FILE_ACTION_RENAMED_NEW_NAME: htxt = "The file was renamed and 
this is the new name."; break;

     while (!Buffer[i].NextEntryOffset);

        if(FindNextChangeNotification(ret) == FALSE )


When i  run this code, it does nothing, what is meant to happen is for it to 
display a messagebox, stating what has taken place according to the "htxt" 

Anyone got any ideas? 

3/14/2006 1:10:49 PM
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