time display in sys tray

I�d like to enhance the display of the actual time in the sys tray as
In the quickinfo, not only the date should be displayed , but also the time
for different time zones.
Has anybody an idea how to modify the time display in the sys tray ?
Best regards, Micha

miras1 (1)
10/8/2003 4:38:58 PM
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I have an application that overrode Window's time and=20
date.  I believe it is done by overwriting a dll, but I=20
may be wrong.  In case this will help, the name of the=20
application is TClockEx.  I believe I've found this=20
individual's web page at one time or another.  TClockEx is=20
freeware.  Maybe if you can E-mail the author, he can give=20
you the run down on what all he had to do.

Good luck,

>-----Original Message-----
>I=B4d like to enhance the display of the actual time in the=20
sys tray as
>In the quickinfo, not only the date should be displayed ,=20
but also the time
>for different time zones.
>Has anybody an idea how to modify the time display in the=20
sys tray ?
>Best regards, Micha
tSpamMe1 (3)
10/8/2003 6:41:52 PM

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