strcpy not work in Unicode mode

Hi all,

i have a var with TCHAR type, like that


// ...
strcpy(sz, "Hello");
// ...

it get error ? How to fix it?


duy.trinh (99)
11/4/2006 4:57:03 AM
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Use _tcscpy instead. Also use _T prefix, eg _T("hello"). Keep in mind that
using CString for this kind of work is much easier.

Ajay Kalra [MVP - VC++]

"Duy Trinh (Mr.)" <> wrote in message
> Hi all,
> i have a var with TCHAR type, like that
> // ...
> strcpy(sz, "Hello");
> // ...
> it get error ? How to fix it?
> Thanks

ajaykalra (6842)
11/4/2006 5:18:39 AM
Well, I should HOPE it gets an error!  strcpy will try to copy 8-bit characters, and it is
trying to copy them to a 16-bit character target, and therefore the compiler quite rightly

Generally, you want to avoid using TCHAR arrays except in some VERY rare and exotic
conditions.  Use CString.

CString sz = _T("Hello");

would be the best solution.  

In addition, although you could use _tcscpy (which compiles as strcpy in 8-bit mode and
wcscpy in Unicode), such dangerous and obsolete constructs should be avoided.  Use the
strsafe.h library (StringCchCopy) or the new _tcscpy_s call in VS.NET 2005.  

All string and character literals should use the _T() macro, e.g., _T("Hello"), _T('a') so
you get Unicode literals.

On Sat, 4 Nov 2006 11:57:03 +0700, "Duy Trinh \(Mr.\)" <> wrote:

>Hi all,
>i have a var with TCHAR type, like that
>// ...
>strcpy(sz, "Hello");
>// ...
>it get error ? How to fix it?
Joseph M. Newcomer [MVP]
MVP Tips:
newcomer (15975)
11/7/2006 12:06:01 AM

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